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Second Grade » Second Grade Welcome Letter

Second Grade Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,

                It is hard to believe that another school year has arrived, and we are very excited about working with your child this year. We want to welcome you and your child to second grade. We hope that each of you had an exciting and joyful summer break.   The next few weeks will be an adjustment period for your child, but together we will help your child become a happy, well-adjusted learner.

                As a parent, you know that home is where the learning starts. You are an important part of your child’s learning and can make this year a success. Please do not hesitate to share any information that may help us in educating your child.

         It is very important that your child gets plenty of sleep each night and is present at school each day. Your child will be asked to read at least 20 minutes each night. Studies show that this is the best way to improve reading skills. It is also very important that your child practice their addition/subtraction facts.

Field trips planned for second grade are as follows.  This year, you will have a few options to pay for field trips. You may:

  1. pay for each trip as it arises (as in the past),
  2. pay for all field trips up front in a lump sum ($50.50), or
  3. make monthly payments on our field trips for 5 months. Should you decide to make monthly payments, send $10.10 by the 15th of each month beginning  September 15th- January 15th. Field trips will be as follows:

October 27, 2017                                 NC Zoo                                            $13.50

November 29, 2017                              Walker Center/Library                        $9.50

March 13, 2018                                     Walker Center/Just Save    $9.50    

May 4, 2018                               Sci-Works                                                $18.00


**Some dates and/or details are subject to change due to any circumstances which should arise beyond our control.  

Just a quick reminder, anytime that you visit the school, as a safety precaution, you must go by the office first. If you have any questions or concerns, please call anytime. The school number is 667-4641.

Thank you,

Second Grade Teachers